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Instructor: Ms. Rice   
May 8th
Congratulations on completing PARCC, 6R! All of you worked so hard :)
Today, May 8th, students will turn in their projects for Percy Jackson. As a reminder, these projects, along with the trading cards, were assigned 7 weeks ago. Students should have been working on them throughout the course of the novel.

Social Studies:

Chapter 5 Assessment Thursday 5/11 (6R), Friday, 5/12 (6M)
Looking Ahead: *Chapter 6 Assessment (Last Test for MP 4) 6/1 and 6/2

Topic 15 Assessment 5/19

Language Arts:
Prepositions, Adverbs, Phrases, and Clauses Quiz Friday 5/12

We are starting our Final Unit on "The Hero" this week
Upcoming Assessments/Due Dates
Social Studies: Chapter 5 Lesson 4 Quiz on Thursday (6R/6M)
Social Studies: Chapter 5 Test 6R-May 8th. 6M-May 9

: Percy Jackson Test Thursday
Reading/Writing: Final Projects (All 3) Due Monday, May 8th

Vocabulary: Chapter 12 Due Friday April 28
Vocabulary: Chapter 9-12 Review Due Friday May 5th

4/3 -4/7
Upcoming Assessments/Activities

Social Studies: Chapter 5 Lesson 2 Vocabulary Quiz Thurs (6R), Fri (6M)
Writing: Infomercial Presentation due Wednesday
Math: Topic 14 Vocabulary Quiz 4/17, Topic Assessment 4/18
Reading: Percy Jackson Quizzes every Friday

Happy Monday!
Please review some of our upcoming assessments and assignments

Social Studies: DBQ Essays are due this week. We will also launch chapter 5.

Math: Topic 13 Test is Tuesday

Reading: Continue reading Percy Jackson in class. Students should be completing Trading Cards for the characters each night, as well as any nightly homework. They should also be planning out their projects from the menu board.

Writing: Various Assignments coinciding with our novel will be given. Some for this week include: Myth writing, POV writing, and Compare and Contrast writing
Upcoming Assessments

Social Studies
3/6/17: Chapter 4 Lesson 4 Quiz
3/9/17: Chapter 4 Test

3/7/17: ​Chapter 4 Lesson 4 Quiz
3/10/17: Chapter 4 Test

3/1/17: Topic 11 Test
3/13/17: Topic 12 Test

Language Arts
3/10/17: Vocabulary Test Chapter 7-9

Remember to bring in your baby pictures and yearbook messages!

Week of 2.6.17
Upcoming Assessments:

Thursday, 2/9: Math Topic 10 Vocabulary Quiz
Friday, 2/10: Math Topic 10 Test
Happy New Year!
Welcome back :)
I hope you all had a wonderful holiday season!

This week...
Social Studies: Chapter 3 Lesson 2 Quiz on Thursday (6R) /Friday (6M)
Reading: Bud, Not Buddy CH. 5-10 Quiz Friday
Writing: Published Essays Due Friday

Next week...
Math: Topic 8 Test Tuesday, 1/10

12/5 - 12/9 At A Glance
Math Topic 6 Vocabulary Quiz: Wednesday 12/7
Math Topic 6 Test: Thursday 12/8

Social Studies In Class Review: Thursday/Friday 12/8-12/9
Social Studies Chapter 2 Test: Monday 12/12 6R and Tuesday 12/13 6M

Verb Quiz on Friday 12/9

I'm Done What Now Packets (Math & Writing) Due NEXT Friday 12/16

Have a great week!

11/28 - 12/2 At A Glance
Math: Topic 5 Assessment: Tuesday
Writing: Argument Essays Due Friday
Reading: NTS Novel Assessment Friday
Social Studies: Section 3 Quiz Thursday 6M/Friday 6R

I'm Done What Now Math Packets Due Friday
I'm Done What Now Vocabulary Unit 4 Due Friday

Holiday Boutique is this week!

Have a great week :)

Upcoming Assessments
Math Vocabulary Quiz on Monday
Math Topic 4 Test on Wednesday

Looking Ahead:
Vocabulary Unit 1-3 Test on Monday 11/14
Social Studies DBQ Essay due Monday 11/14 (6R) or Tuesday 11/15 (6M)

I hope everyone has a wonderful short week!

Halloween Week
Our Math test is Friday, 10/28. I am inviting any and all students to stay after school for a review of the material Thursday afternoon (3-3:30). If you wish your child to stay, please have him/her bring in a note from you saying so.

Please be advised that Monday, 10/31 will be our Grammar Quiz on Pronouns.
The students have several pages of notes, many different handouts, and a study guide on the topic.

Upcoming Assessments
Social Studies:
Evaluating Sources & Identifying Author's Bias Quiz Monday(6R)/Tuesday(6M)
Topic 3 Test Friday
Signposts & Literary Terms Test Thursday
Response to Literature Test Friday

Have a great weekend :)

Week At A Glance
Hello Everyone :)

We have a short week this week.
In celebration of the Jewish holiday, we will not have homework on Tuesday.

Friday, October 14th will be our Writing Skills Quiz.
Week At A Glance
Hello Everyone :)

We have a short week this week.
In celebration of the Jewish holiday, we will not have homework on Tuesday.

Friday, October 14th will be our Writing Skills Quiz.
Just a Reminder...
I hope everyone enjoyed the long weekend. Wishing a Happy New Year to those who celebrated Rosh HaShanah!
Some Reminders for This Week:
Math Topic 2 Test is on Friday (I distributed a study guide on Friday)
I'm Done What Now Packets (ELA and Math) are due Friday
All of my students should be signed up for "NoRedInk" and completing the online homework when it is assigned.
Students will continue to Draft their Narratives and begin to Publish this week. As discussed with students in class and parents at Back To School Night, there will be no drafting/publishing completed outside of the classroom this year.

Looking forward to a great 1/2 week with everyone!

~Mrs. Rice
Please remember to sign up for Class Dojo! I need all parents to participate in order for the site to truly be effective. If you misplaced your log in information, please send me a note. Thanks :)

I'm Done What Now? Packets are due tomorrow (Friday)!
Vocabulary Unit 1 is due next Friday, 9/30!
Social Studies Test on Monday! The study guides are going home today (Thursday) & tomorrow (Friday).
Our first Math Vocabulary Quiz is on Monday, September 19th
Our first Math Topic Test is on Tuesday, September 20th

We will review in class on Monday after the quiz.
I will offer Math extra help after school on Monday. Please send a note in with your child if he/she will be staying with me to review. Be sure to include how he/she will be getting home.
Welcome to 6th Grade!
We have jumped right into our curriculum! Please be sure to check this website and your child's planner for up to date long term assignments and assessments. Students will also be given assignments through Google Classroom.

Writing: Students have been given their "180 Days" packet to work on if they finish an assignment early. It is due Friday, 9/2
Math: ​Students have been given their "180 Days" packet to work on if they finish an assignment early. It is due Friday, 9/2
Social Studies: Students are reviewing Chapter 1 and learning about the first civilizations. They are working on their lesson "menus" which are due after each lesson.

Week At A Glance
Reading: This week we will begin our second novel. Students will be given a copy of Bud, Not Buddy and the procedure for the new unit.
Science: We will launch our new unit on Weather and Water
Math: Finish Up Topic 5

Upcoming Assessments:
Math: Topic 5 Test on Tuesday, December 8th

Upcoming Assessments
Science: Wednesday, November 11, 2015
Number the Stars: Thursday, November 12, 2015
Number the Stars Essay Component: Friday, November 13, 2015

Extra Help for Math is available on Tuesdays.
Extra Help for Reading is available on Thursdays.
*Students must provide me with signed permission slip prior to attending.
10/26 - 10/30
Math: Continue Topic 3
The students will not have a vocabulary quiz for this topic. Instead, they will have an additional QCQ on Tuesday, October 27th.

Reading: Continue Number the Stars
The students are working on identifying and analyzing textual evidence to support their written responses.

Science: Continue Distance & Speed
The students are expected to be responsible for updating their science notebooks after each lesson.

Assessments & Assignments
Reading: Number the Stars
As discussed with the students, we will have several quizzes over the next few weeks. Expect a quiz every 4-5 chapters. At the end of the novel, there will be a test. Each night, students are required to read 1-2 assigned chapters and answer specific comprehension questions. For the remainder of the novel, the "Homework Choice" weekly assignment will be put on pause.

Science: Unit 1
We finished our first investigation! Our first Science Test will be Monday, October 19th.

We are starting Topic 3, Operations with Decimals. Quick Check Quiz #1 is scheduled for Tuesday, October 20th.

Looking Back at the Week 9/28
In Reading this week, we finished our introduction unit and took our very first assessment. We also launched our WebQuest Project. The students are very busy inside the classroom!
In Math, we began Topic 2. This Friday, 10/2, will be the Quick Check Quiz. Next Friday, 10/9, will be the vocabulary quiz and Wednesday, 10/14 the topic assessment.
In Science, we continued with Force and Motion. We are actively using formulas to figure out average speed. We are all looking forward to our very first investigation!

Week at a Glance
It was great to meet so many wonderful parents last night at our annual Back to School Night. The slides from the PowerPoint will be available for viewing as of next week. The Sixth Grade Team is looking forward to a great year!
September 21- September 25
Math: Finish Topic 1, Vocabulary Quiz Thursday, Chapter Test Friday
Reading: Characterization & Mood/Tone
Science: Introduction to Procedures & Topic 1

Reading Test: Monday, September 28th
The weekly reading assignment starts 9/21 and should be turned in on 9/25

Reminders for Next Week/Student News Report
I would like to remind everyone that we are off Monday and Tuesday of next week. We also have a half-day on Thursday due to Back to School Night. I hope all the parents can make it as I look forward to meeting you all!

If you look towards the right of the page, you will see a new feature called "Student News Report."
One of my class jobs this year is a student news reporter. A student will be picked to sum up the week and give a comment. This week, our very first homeroom news reporter is Bliss!

Our Week at a Glance 9/7/15
I hope everyone had a great Labor Day Weekend!
This week, we will be jumping right into our curriculum. Please make sure your child stays up to date with the nightly homework assignments.*
Reading: Elements of Fiction & Nonfiction
Math: Topic 1
Supplemental Reading: Contrasts & Contradictions

As a reminder, Back to School Night is Thursday, September 17th at 7 PM. I look forward to meeting with you all and discussing my plans and expectations for the school year.

*Homework policy- All students start off with 100 homework points. For each missing or incomplete assignment, I take 5 points off of the homework grade.This grade can not be brought up.

Upcoming Assessments*
Math Lesson 1-4 Quiz: Thursday, 9/17
Math Vocabulary Quiz: Thursday, 9/24
Math Topic Test: Friday, 9/25
Reading F/NF Elements & Short Story Test: Monday, 9/28
*Date are tentative. May change with notice.

Welcome Back!
I would like to welcome everyone to the 2015-2016 school year! Our first day back together is Friday, September 4th. Please remember to bring in the completed packet from the Fort Lee Schools Website, as well as all the required supplies for the 6th grade.

Make sure to visit my Fusion page throughout the year for up to date information on long term assignments, projects and announcements.

I'm looking forward to meeting you all!

Mrs. Rice
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